Efficient Energy Technology s.r.o.


Efficient Energy Technology

Efficient Energy Technology was established in 1992. Our company is engaged in producing heat exchangers and pressure vessels made of steel and high-grade steel. The production takes place in a new, state-of-the-art production hall. In our production sector, we put great emphasis on making sure that the production is controlled in accordance with all applicable international welding and quality standards.

We supply our products to international clients. In the framework of cooperation with our partners, we are most active on the markets in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.   We have a lot of experience with successful implementation of large projects in international companies. Our experience extends to construction of power plant and pharmaceutical industry components.

The company's registered office is situated in Senice na Hané in a Moravian region of the Czech Republic. We have a professionally equipped production hall and offices providing for administrative support. We invest in qualified personnel and in the development and improvement of our technologies. We consider personalised consultancy, professional approach and adapting our services to customers' demands to be an important part of everyday cooperation with all our business partners.